Wednesday, December 26, 2007

G.S.K. Velu

"Indigenisation of medical technology is the need of the hour to deliver the 'health for all' objective. The Government of India should incentivise and motivate Indian manufacturing initiatives to position India as a global hub for medical technology manufacturing."

Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Managing Director Trivitron Group of companies
December 28, over lunch

Sashi Reddi

"We want to be the number one game company in India. And 'game' includes online games, PC games, console games and mobile games. The fact that we came into the game industry close to four years ago makes us one of the pioneers in the Indian game space. Unlike many other companies that depended on outsourcing, we focussed on developing our own IP."

Sashi Reddi, Founder & Chairman, FXLabs Studios
December 27, over lunch

Monday, December 24, 2007

Siva Nathan

"The big thing is that country-specific accounting rules are going to go away. There will be one set of accounting rules for the whole world... within probably 5-7 years. "

Siva Nathan, Associate Professor, School of Accountancy, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

December 26, 2007, over lunch

Read between the lines on analyst-speak

Convergence of accounting standards entails significant costs

December 27, 2008, 4 pm

Siva Nathan

Saturday, December 22, 2007


"We believe in providing security to users in a simple manner. Which is why K7 Computing declares, 'Safe, secure, simple.'"

J. Kesavardhanan, Founder and CEO/CTO, K7 Computing, Chennai

December 23, over lunch

Friday, December 21, 2007

Raj Narain and Venu Gopal Nair

"Advertising started off as a bundled service. Then happened unbundling, over the last about 10-15 years. The new order is going to be re-bundling, but not with the same components. The client is going to ask agencies to create the right ambience for the brand, generate enquiries, ensure conversions, and retain so as to increase the lifetime value of the customer, all within a framework of metrics."
Raj Narain and Venu Gopal Nair, Co Founders – Brand Portrait
December 24, over lunch

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thyagesh Baba

"The southern markets are waiting to boom. Good opportunity for corporates to graduate to the big league..."

Thyagesh Baba, founder director, Spark Capital
December 20, over lunch

Thyagesh Baba

Laura Parkin

"We need a fundamental shift in the way that the faculty are regarded in India. If the faculty are valued and given more freedom, they will be able to both nurture the next generation and more effectively transfer their knowledge to benefit the society in other ways."

Laura Parkin, Executive Director, Wadhwani Foundation & NEN
December 21, over lunch

Samir Patil

"India looks for not mere entertainment, but some education too."

Samir Patil, CEO & co-Founder of ACK Media

December 17, over phone


"A growth area we currently have is home automation. And in audio, we can see big demand coming for wireless space... without compromising on quality"

T. Prasanna Subramaniyam, Regional Manager - TN, PRO FX, Chennai.

December 18, over lunch

Monday, December 17, 2007

Neeraj Gulati

"The seeds of quadruple play are just getting sown... of voice, data, and video, over broadband mobility, all unconstrained by the network capacity."

Neeraj Gulati, Managing Director of Ciena India Pvt Ltd

Meeting on December 18, 4 pm

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Y.V. Reddy

Q: Why should we not encourage foreign inflows?
A: We should eat only so much that we can digest...

Dr Y.V. Reddy, Governor, RBI

At the GLIM event, Chennai

December 14, 11.30 am

GLIM directors, faculty, students and more

Met at L'Attitude 13 05'... of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

1) V. Sankaran, Director
2) R.S. Veeravalli, Director-Corporate Initiatives and Exec MBA
3) Swaminathan Murthy, Director-Placements, Associate Director-PGPM
4) Venkatakrishnan, Professor of organisational behaviour
5) B. Hariharan, Director (Also, President & CEO, Valgen Business Solutions P Ltd)
6) Thomas C. Anderson, Associate Dean, Stuart School of Business, IIT-Chicago
7) Paul R. Prabhaker, Associate Dean, College of Business, Northern Illinois University
8) T.P. Anand, Head-Strategic Planning, Marg Constructions Ltd, Chennai
9) P. Sreedhar, AGM, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Chennai
10) Arun Kumar, Vikram Singh, Shrima, Ram - SRM students

December 14, 10 am to 12 noon

Shailesh Rao

Q: Growth... Are we at the top of the curve?
A: No, we are just scratching the surface....

Shailesh Rao, Managing Director, Google India, Gurgaon

At the GLIM event, Image Auditorium, Chennai

December 14, 10 am


"Oothikichi thalai..."

(A comment overheard at the end of the first-day show of Billa)

At Screen 4, Inox, Chennai on December 14, 11.30 pm


Hi: As a CXO or entrepreneur, are you leading performance in your domain? Can you passionately talk about what you do? If yes, yes, connect with right away! (Students of IT, finance, communications, and management who would like to participate in the interactions may contact, preferably, through their professors.)

Current diary.... Diary 2008

December 2007

*15 - Kaushik Basu, Cornell, 2 pm
*16 - Cheyon, AIR, 1 pm
*18 - Prasanna - ProFX, 1.30 pm ; *Neeraj Gulati, Managing Director of Ciena India Pvt Ltd, 4 pm
*19 - ORS Rao, Cygnus, 1.30 pm
*20 - Thyagesh Baba, founder-director, Spark Capital
*21 - Laura Parkin, Executive Director, Wadhwani Foundation & NEN, 2 pm
*23 - Kesavardhanan J, Founder and CEO/CTO, K7 Computing, Chennai, 1 pm
*24 - Raj Narain and Venu Gopal Nair, Co Founders – Brand Portrait, 1.30 pm
*26 - Siva Nathan, Associate Professor, School of Accountancy, Georgia State Univ, 11.30 am
*27 - Sashi Reddi, Founder & Chairman, FXLabs Studios, 1 pm
*28 - G.S.K. Velu, Managing Director Trivitron Group, 1.30 pm
29 -
5 - R. Shekar and SAM, the cartoonist

(* means 'met' )

====yet to be firmed up====

Seenu V Sreenivasan, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, US

Srinivasu, Director and Co founder, BillDesk


Deputy Editor
The Hindu Business Line
Kasturi Buildings
859 Anna Salai
CHENNAI 600 002
Ph: 28576467 (or 2841 3344 ext. 467)
Fax: (044) 2841 5325
Mobile: 94449 07996
Preferred email:



"We** are organising Arivukkalanjiyam Award Competitions 2008 for the youth (between the ages 16 and 30). From Saturday, January 5, 2008, in the University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai."

Dr N. Murugan (Cheyon), I.B.S., Asst. Station Director, All India Radio, Chennai.

December 16, over lunch

**MTS Academy, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, NSS, and the University of Madras. (Cheyon is Hon. Secy of MTS - Mayilai Thiruvalluvar Tamil Sangam)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kaushik Basu

"India's high growth should persist no matter who comes to power. But destabilisation can come from a growing inequality."

Kaushik Basu C. Marks Professor of International Studies and Professor of Economicsand Director, Center for Analytic Economics Department of Economics, Cornell University; Ithaca, NY,

December 15, 2 pm

Sashi Chimala

"The next killer app in India is MMOG (massively multiplayer on-line game). "

Sashi Chimala, CEO,

Meeting today, 6 pm

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Viable Vision

Met during the event at Taj, Chennai on December 11, between 9-30 am and 2-30 pm...

1) Eliyahu M. Goldratt, author of 'The Goal'
2) R. Abishek, Director, Eifco Machine Tools P Ltd, Coimbatore
3) M.S. Jayaraman, President, Lumino Strategies, Chennai
4) Sounder Kannan, Director-Foods, Naga Ltd, Dindigul
5) S.V. Veerramani, Vice President, Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association
6) S. Sriram, Exe Director, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
7) Rajiv J. Subramanian, MD, Susee Group of Cos, Madurai
8) Prabhakar Mahadevan, Regional Director-India, Goldratt Consulting, Chennai
9) K. Noorul Ameen, MD, Network Logistics P Ltd, Chennai
10) Anand K. Antur, Aditaxia, Chennai
11) Srinivas Ghanagam and team, Perot Systems, Chennai
12) M.S. Nagarajan, MD, Nagaraj & Co P Ltd, Chennai
13) P.R. Prasanna Varma, Partner, Varma & Varma, CAs, Chennai
14) S.S. Sunder, MD, Argus Cosmetics Ltd, Chennai
15) P. Mahalingam, Door Sabha Nigam Ltd, Chennai
16) T. Muralidharan, Lead Consultant, Satyam Computer Services Ltd, Chennai
17) V.K. Ramanujam, Manager-Finance, Automotive & Industrial Seals P Ltd, Chennai
18) Pravinkawar, Ruth Technologies, Coimbatore
19) S. Venkataramani, Consultant, Fisher Sanmar Ltd, Chennai
20) Javin Bhinde, Goldratt Consulting
21) P. Ravi, Technical Director, Aruna Alloy Steels P Ltd, Madurai
22) Shankar Rao, Consultant, Bangalore
23) Rami Goldratt ('You can double the % of profit on sales while continuing to increase sales in 2 years or less.')

Video conferencing

"VC (video-conferencing) is finding many innovative applications..."

K. Natarajan, AGM-Sales (South), Intellicon P Ltd, Chennai

December 10, over coffee

Basant Rajan

"Our TechWiz program is like a frequent-flyer program for engineers."

Basant Rajan, CTO – Symantec India

December 13, 5 pm

Ramesh Nair

"2008 will be the year of correction, consolidation and moderation, in the Indian real estate sector."

Ramesh Nair, Managing Director of JLLM (Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj), Chennai

December 12, 1.30 pm
: Ramesh Nair
Blogger: Ramesh Nair, Ramesh Nair - Videos

C.P. Madhusudan

"We help to create a safer world through our software products in NDT (non-destructive testing)."
C.P. Madhusudan, Sales Director, Lucid Software Ltd
December 14, over lunch

All of us practise NDT in our everyday life as consumers

Friday, December 7, 2007

Ramesh K. Arora

"Those who lead themselves well can lead others effectively. Good leaders have to first take charge of their lives. Only then, they can influence the lives of others."

Prof Ramesh K. Arora, Chairman, Management Development Academy, Jaipur

December 7, 6 pm

Work-life balance: The crux of time management

Types of time wasters

Pratish Devadoss

"Top trends of the real estate sector, as I see them, are:
1) It is becoming increasingly organised, with more institutional funding.
2) Consumers' expectations are pushing suppliers to the limits (in terms of delivering better quality, and in time).
3) Government's policies and support are driving the development of infrastructure in Tier II cities and the suburbs.
4) The young (aged 26-39) are looking at real estate as a long-term investment destination, given the rise in income levels. "

Pratish Devadoss, Director, VGN

December 7, over lunch
: Pratish Devadoss
Blogger: Pratish Devadoss, Pratish Devadoss - Videos

Thursday, December 6, 2007

B. Jairam

"It was an exciting experience to participate in a jazz band's performances in the UK, about a month ago. I sang carnatic songs for 'Oxygen'..."

B. Jairam, a Chennai-based CA and a vocalist

December 5, over lunch

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ram Kumar

"We have been very daring. And very innovative!"

Ram Kumar, Executive Director, Gemini Communication Ltd

December 6, over lunch


"I don't see any threat of economic slowdown in India, in the near or medium term. The Indian market has scaled, and it also has a pool of management talent, and lots of capital is available."

Christian Murck, CEO of APCO Worldwide's Asia region

December 4, over phone

Broad consensus on policy direction is key

We mentor, rather than manage

"Everything at Synygy is based on the mentoring philosophy. We try not to manage people. We believe in people. That's we mentor, rather than manage."

Scott Cawood, Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources, Synygy, Pune

December 4, over phone

Acceptance is all about credibilty

"People will only accept you if you can demonstrate a complete lack of vested interest. That, in fact, is the key to your personal credibility. If you have earned your credibility, acceptance is axiomatic."

V.K. Madhav Mohan, a corporate mentor ('an insider outsider')

December 4, over lunch

Tom Wright

"This is an industry that never stands still. Ever-changing."

Dec 7, 3.30 pm

Tom Wright, GM, Cathay Pacific Airways (CX )

On research rounds...

"I'm studying Indian industry... more particularly pharma, light engineering, and auto..."

Adnan A. Naseemulaah, PhD Candidate, Dept of Political Science, University of California

December 3, over lunch

Saturday, December 1, 2007

S. V. Mony

"Life insurance is the only financial service that takes care of the long term investment needs of the individual, the retail customer."

S. V. Mony, Secretary General, Life Insurance Council

December 1, over lunch

Friday, November 30, 2007

Big problems of small enterprises


A Roundtable on 'Liberalism and status of MSMEs (Micro, small and medium enterprises) - strategies for future'


1) Dr G. Sundaram, IAS (Retd), Former Secretary to the Govt of India, Chennai ('What are the top ten myths about Indian Civil Services?')
2) Dr Rene Klaff, Regional Director, South Asia, Fur Die Freiheit, New Delhi ('I am neither an economist nor a businessman')
3) Dr Swarna S. Vepa, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai ('Small business had to flee from Gujarat after disturbances!')
4) Dr U. Jayalakshmi Srikumar, Associate Dean, IBS, Chennai ('Nothing has changed...')
5) R. Venkatesan, Senior Fellow & Head Industry Programme, NCAER, New Delhi ('Is there a slowdown in Indian industry?')
6) Dr K. Venkataraman, IAS (Retd), Former MD, Investment & Technology Promotion, UNIDO
7) S. Viswanathan, Editor & Publisher, Industrial Economist, Chennai
8) Romar Correa, Director, Dept of Economics, University of Mumbai, Mumbai ('Can economics teaching be made interesting?')
9) K. Saraswathi, Director, Tanstia-FNF Service Centre, Chennai
10) Dr Madhuri Saripalle, AGM, Knowledge Management, TVS Logistics Services Ltd, Chennai ('Do you see knowledge as a logistics problem or vice versa?')
11) A. Shanmuga Velayuthan, IPL Products, Chennai
12) L. Meiyappan, Hon Treasurer, TANSTIA
13) B. Bhagwan Das, Dept of Economics, Loyola College, Chennai ('Teaching economics to non-economists is a challenge.')
14) Dr B. Yerram Raju, Director, Development & Research Services, Hyderabad ('The new law on SMEs is a Rule-bound one...')
15) A.V. Varadharajan, Chairman, Sandfits Foundries P Ltd, Coimbatore ('Fought for a convention centre in Coimbatore')

November 30, over lunch

Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to be an entrepreneur

"Commitment is the single most important requirement of any wannabe entrepreneur."

George Samson, Executive Director, TiE, Chennai

November 27, over lunch

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome the new-age creative communication!

"We do new-age creative communication! To transform, for instance, ad making by imbibing it with best practices from technology, movie-making, marketing..."

Harish Kumar, Creative Director, Hypnautyx Inc.

November 28, over lunch

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

V.K. Madhav Mohan

Meeting on Dec 4, 1-30...

Subramanian 'Gopi' Gopalan

Meeting today 1-30...

"We have become the most materialistic in the world..."

November 27, over lunch

The world owes a debt to India

"India gave the world 'zero'. Without 'zero', there is no IT."

Satendra M (Dan) Gupta, Chairman and CEO of UST Global

November 26, over dinner

Dan Gupta

Sunday, November 25, 2007


"BPOs can profitably recruit from the economically less privileged, say the BOP, borrowing a phrase from CK Prahlad. We have named the initiative 'Plus2+' to indicate that the trainees have something more when they complete Plus 2. A 'school finishing school' for BPOs. Our first batch, which started on Oct 2, 2006 (which was both Gandhi Jayanthi and Vijaya Dasami), and it will be over in May 2008, and already companies have been pitching for the talent. Punjab Association has supported this initiative by dedicating a room for the purpose in MGR Adarsh School, JJ Nagar."

Naresh Purushotham and Lakshmi Kruti Vasan, co-founders of Crestcom India

November 25, over lunch

‘IQ gets you hired, EQ gets you promoted’

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Media transcription opportunity

"English-literate housewives in remote places can do transcription work for talk-shows, interviews, speeches, documentaries and group discussions, sitting at home. We are training people for this. Earning potential for the trained people is about Rs 20,000 per month."

S. Shivakumar, CEO, iSource I.T. Enabled Services Pvt Ltd (

Nov 24, over lunch

‘BPO is here to stay’

Looking forward to...

... Meeting iSource CEO Shivakumar today, and

Samson, Executive Director, TiE on Nov 29.

Thanks Vinod!

Mr Naresh Purushotham, COO of Crestcom India - on Nov 25

Thanks Surya!

Mr Satendra M (Dan) Gupta, Chairman and CEO of UST Global - on Nov 26...

Thanks Madhu, Rekha!

Friday, November 23, 2007

From marriage to property to jobs to auto to...

We will soon be launching a portal for loans.

Rupee appreciation is hitting us to some extent... Revenue in dollars is about 30 per cent.

Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO, BharatMatrimony Group

November 23, over lunch

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Village BPO

Village BPO is great on ROI (return on investment). Attrition is zero!

Pradeep Nevatia, President & CEO, Ninestars

Nov 21, over lunch

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

US economy

There is so much mythology about the US economy... The economy is actually strong and growing.

Marc Hebert, Chief Marketing Officer, Virtusa

Nov 14, over lunch

Scoring with service delivery model

Friday, November 9, 2007

Computational linguistics

"Computational linguistics is hot. Only 4-5 institutions offer the course, and about 60-70 pass out each year. The cream is taken away by Google. Then, by MSN, which is also working on Indian languages..."

C. Mohan Ram, Managing Director, LatticeBridge Infotech Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Nov 6, lunch meeting at The Hindu, Chennai
: Mohan Ram
Blogger: Mohan Ram

Easy PC!

"At least for the next 9 months we don't expect any competition to our EeePC... The first 150 or so units were bought by our rivals to disassemble and find out what we have done."

Andrew Tsui, Managing Director, ASUS India

Nov 2, lunch meeting at The Hindu, Chennai

Gee, it’s ‘Eee’

Ohio in Bangalore

"We find that IT companies with global operations prefer our graduates."

A.R. Shivaprakash, Coordinator, Ohio University Christ College, Bangalore

Oct 31, over lunch at The Hindu, Chennai


"For the first time, we are bringing in education into gaming, in India."
Mohit Anand, Country Manager, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft

Oct 31

In the game

Contextual advertising

"I live in Prabhadevi. And I'd like to see an ad about a new Thai restaurant opening in my locality... Similarly, to those in Tidel park, the newspaper should carry ads about life-style."
- Vivek Bhargava, Founder and Managing Director of Communicate2

Oct 12, over lunch at The Hindu, Chennai

Playing the context card


Welcome to Food for thought...
A blog to talk about what my guests talked.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Invitation to students

Students of IT, finance, communications, and management who would like to participate in the guest interactions specified in the 'Diary' may contact, preferably, through their professors.